Professional music production, recording, audio engineering, mixing, and mastering services.
High-quality music production so you can be proud to show off your work.

Meet Mike (aka Michellion)

Welcome to my website where you’ll find professional audio engineering services for your music projects.


I make your tracks shine and bring them to their maximum potential without compromising your artistic vision. You’ll receive quality work you can be proud to show off.


I treat your project as if it were my own personal masterpiece – giving you 100% dedication until you are completely satisfied with your finished product!


397 per Song/Single
  • 2 Revisions


97 per Song/Single
  • Until you're satisfied


97 per Song/Single
  • Quality vocal tracks
  • Doubles
  • Stacks
  • Harmonies
  • Fills

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Mastering with Mike aka Michellion

Send me your finished mix and I will create a final master that meets all industry standards and will sound amazing in any listening environment. I can also provide multiple versions, optimized for every specific format, where appropriate.


Professional Vocals with Mike aka Michellion

Vocal tracks with doubles, stacks, harmonies and fillers included. Professionally trained vocalist by the Great Mama O. Your tracks come tuned, in the pocket, sounding and feeling good, and ready to be plugged through your audio chain.

Sound Check

Song Check: Get professional feedback on your song, performance, mix, and overall sound. With Mike aka Michellion.

Get in-depth voice or written feedback and advice for your song, production, or mix. Save time and give yourself confidence with professional feedback and specific recommendations to make your track shine.


Music Editing with Mike aka Michellion

Get your vocal, drum, guitar, or bass tracks sounding good and polished while keeping them sounding completely natural. Save time and headaches by letting us take care of this cumbersome task.

Full Music Production

Full Music Production with Mike aka Michellion

Send me your lyrics or idea and I will create a complete song with a fully produced, radio-ready recording.